Batman breaks moral code 


We all know that batman does not kill but getting a car door and slamming it into a mans neck that is not considered as killing.Batman has a lot of deadly moves but in batman Arkham night batman slams a mans face into an electric box!!!!!!! I think that batmans coul is programmed to think that people on the floor are unconscious.In ARKHAM CITY batman does not give joker the cure that killed him batman has broken his moral code. OhMyGod! 



Recently I got an Xbox one on my birthday and YES got my hands on the Batman ARKHAM knight. The graphics are Mind blogging! The sound affects are WOW. I had a bit difficulty with some of the levels but over all this game is amazing. 

Well then there’s the scarecrow, who’s weirdly terrifying in an ugly sort of way. The new suit gives batman more abilities and let’s be real it’s beautiful. Hats off to the designer!! 

Apart from that, the ARKHAM knight has a lot of new characters, amazing ones I must say! Poison ivy is here too :p

Then of course arkham knight, he’s a dude LOL, in his teens and can I just say he’s epic! OHOHOH knight wing ❤